All gemstones on sale on this website have all been tested by our care with classical gemology instruments and they are naturals, 100% earth mined.

The complexity of new treatments as well as the omnipresence of synthetic stones on the market which are more and more hard to detect leads us to still more vigilance. That is the reason why some stones, in particular those of the corundums’ family are certified by an independent gemological laboratory. The latter draws up a certificate called Analysis short report and allow to have an easy mind. We can be brought to work with different laboratories. IGI in Antwerp and GGTL (ex Gem Tech Lab) in Geneva are at present our main partners.

Each stone being certifiable on simple request ( at least gemstone value 1000 USD) don’t forget to plan an additional extension of 20 days or thereabout as well as a variable extra cost according to the weight and the category of the stone.

See the analysis report prices section. For the stones exceeding 10 carats, please contact us for an estimate.