Welcome to our Natural Gemstones shop. 100% Earth mined.
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This site specialized in fine and precious gemstones selling only of NATURAL ORIGIN is intended for people working in this sector (jewellers, gem cutters but also to collectors and private individuals avid to acquire HIGH QUALITY colored gemstones at reasonable prices.
Prompted since many years by a real passion for the mineral world and the gems in particular, accompanie by a training in gemology, faceting and frequent journeys in the producing countries such as Madagascar, Tanzania, central and west Africa, Brazil,… we are offering on our website E-Gemmes-stones.com some gems which have been carefully selected during our travelling abroad or with our usual suppliers.

For your satisfaction E-Gemmes-stones.com commit oneself on the following points:

– The GUARANTEE of a rigorous selection by a PROFESSIONNAL GEMCUTTER and GEM DEALER a voluntarily restricted choice but continuously renewed. Photos on the website are real stones on sale, no substitute products.
– The GUARANTEE of the most precise information on each gem. Moreover, some gems are going along with a certificate of authenticity from a gemological laboratory.
– The GUARANTEE to produce precious and semi-precious stones of NATURAL ORIGIN only. No imitation, no synthetic stones and no stone having undergone heavy treatments.
– The GUARANTEE to provide on request and in return for an additional cost a gemological certificate for the gems which are not already holding one.
– The GUARANTEE of “satisfaction or your money back” on simple return within a period of 14 days after receipt (see General Terms of Sale).
– The GUARANTEE to answer by e-mail under 48 hours to any additional informations’ request on the gems on sale. Don’t hesitate to contact us.