How to judge a gem on photo

The trade by internet expand more and more. The same is applied to gems trade which grows years by years and will undoubtedly became indispensable in a near future.

That is the reason why the customer should be able to have the most precise idea with the informations provided to him. Among these informations, there are the photos which one has to learn to interpret.

First of all, the interpretation of the color. A photo ( non retouch of course) will not always reflect the color or the real shade of the stone. Experiment shows that the stone is always more beautiful and more brillant in the natural state than in photos. The beauty of the stones commes from the fact that they are surprisingly alive and different to each other. Thus, the appearance will not always be the same according to the type of the stone, its color and its shape.

In the second time, one should consider the important level of magnification which brings out the flaws, tiny inclusions which of course are not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes there are also dusts which can be taken as flaws. 

It is thus important to keep in mind those principles so as to carry out a wise choice.

Video is another means allowing the display of a peoduct. It gives a rather faithful idea of the stone’s sparkling.

Our photos are taken with a studio day light, we don’t use a software as Photoshop.

Gemstones should be always appreciated under the rays of the sun or under a daylight studio.